The Oliver Ranch is privileged to have worked with so many amazing and talented artists over the past 25 years. Together these artists have transformed the ranch into a unique, one-of-a-kind site-specific art installation that is harmonious with the surrounding environment. Their creative energy and vision in producing these original works of art will hopefully inspire and intrigue all who visit them.

We invite you to explore the artist’s biographies, learn about their Oliver Ranch site-specific art installations and view slideshows of their work in-progress as well as completed.

Terry Allen

humanature (1991-1992)

Miroslaw Balka

43 x 30 x 2, 43 x 30 x 2, 1554 x 688 x 10 (1995-1996)

Roger Berry

Darwin (1988-1989)

Ellen Driscoll

Untitled, 1989-1990

Bill Fontana

Earth Tones, 1992

Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel
Pananemone (1990-1991)
Andy Goldsworthy

Six Untitled Temporary Installations (1992)

Doug Hall

Wittgenstein’s Garden (2018)

Ann Hamilton

The tower (2003-2007)

Dennis Leon

Untitled (1992-1993)

Jim Melchert
Untitled (1989)
Bruce Nauman
Untitled (1998-1999)
Martin Puryear

Untitled (1994-1995)

David Rabinowitch and Jim Jennings

Visiting Artist Studios (1992-2002)

Fred Sanback


Richard Serra

Snake Eyes and Boxcars (1990-1993)

Judith Shea

Shepherd’s Muse (1985-1988)

Robert Stackhouse

Russian River Bones (1989)

Ursula Von Rydingsvard

Iggy’s Pride (1990-1991)

Oliver Ranch Foundation


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